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DevOps Platforms Giant


Critical TechWorks is developing the next generation of software systems for the BMW Group’s future driving machines.

We’re looking for a DevOps Platforms Giant to join us in changing the way the world moves.

As a DevOps Platforms Giant in Critical TechWorks, you will help us build, run, and sustain the BMW Group cloud platforms and its services, that serve as the infrastructure foundation of technological innovation and enable our Cloud Native teams to deliver extraordinary value to our customers.

We believe an empowering infrastructure is the catalyst that will spark our capabilities to change how people experience cars and mobility. We believe it needs to be agile and fun, and that manual tasks are a thing of the past. Therefore, we love automation and foster creativity and innovation, always on the lookout for new approaches and tools that can make our roles more effective and enjoyable.

A DevOps Platforms Giant you will enable others to be at their best, in an inspiring environment where our people are well-looked after, happy and part of a connected team that’s changing the future of mobility.  

The Makings of a DevOps Platforms Giant

As a DevOps Platforms Giant you will be welcomed into the family of other Giants that will face every technological a non-technological challenge beside you. Together you will be bold, learn, improve and ultimately succeed in continuously bringing the best, most reliable and highly available platforms and ecosystem of tools.

In turn our teams will stand on the “shoulders” of Giants to reach ever greater technological heights.

Whatever you’re working on, here’s the lowdown on the skills you’re likely to possess:

  • Experienced in delivering and operating cloud platforms and services.

  • Experienced with technologies such as Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Vault, Consul, Prometheus, ELK and others alike.
  • Experienced with CI/CD pipelines and tools in the likes of Jenkins and Nexus.
  • Experienced with public clouds such as AWS and Azure.
  • Familiar with container and PaaS management solutions such as, OpenShift and OpenStack.
  • Familiar with DevSecOps and tools such as Nessus, Clair or Inspec.
  • Advocate of the DevOps mindset and self-servicing infrastructure.
  • Allergic to manual tasks, and in love with automation.
  • Feeling at home around a Linux/Unix system, preferably Red Hat or CentOS.
  • Capable of designing and operating IP networks.
  • Understanding of data stream platforms, message brokers and queues.

Anything Else?

Apart from great technical skills, our environment is fast-paced and 100% agile. It prioritizes teamwork, interaction and empathy.

This means our DevOps Platforms Giant should possess the following traits:

  • Availability to perform Operations outside the working hours if needed (extra compensation will be applicable).
  • Great people skills to foster a supportive and collaborative environment, give constructive feedback, share and discuss ideas and approaches.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills – including the ability to speak and write in English.
  • Experience of working with Agile methodologies, such as Scrum.
  • A real passion for learning, doing things better and specially, helping others – and an ability to turn ideas into realities.

If you’re the DevOps Platforms Giant that we’re looking for, apply now