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Digital Product Design Guru


Critical TechWorks is developing the next generation of software systems for the BMW Group’s future driving machines.

We’re looking for a Digital Product Design Guru to join us in changing the way the world moves. If you love a challenge, are passionate about technology and are full of spark, energy and ambition, this could be the dream role for you. Our team of rock-solid software engineers, designers, technologists, futurists and dreamers are changing how people think and feel about cars. 

To be clear: this is no ordinary Digital Product design role. We’re looking for someone spectacular – someone who stands out and who can contribute big things working alongside our dynamic team of technical wizards.

Naturally, all the usual stuff applies. Apart from excellent technical skills, you’ll be a problem-solver, a planner and a doer. Under your influence, things run like clockwork. But you’re no clock-watcher. You bring energy and star-quality to what you do, engineering success with a smile.

In return, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best talent in the business, in an inspiring environment where our people are well-looked after, happy and part of a connected team that’s changing the future of mobility.  

The Makings of a TechWorks Superstar

Superstar Digital Product designers need superstar projects: from autonomous driving to electrification, from car sharing services to vehicle connectivity, Critical TechWorks operates at the cutting-edge of the BMW Group’s technologies. As part of our team, you’ll be in charge of running research activities at customer sites. You’ll understand customer and end-user needs and translate these into graphical user interfaces through high-fidelity mock-ups, journey maps, workflow diagrams and more. You’ll team up with a product owner and a focused development team. Your end goal is to understand, prototype and test user interaction solutions, redesign and fine tune them and also help translate them into user stories and front-end specifications for development, working in an agile setup. 

Whatever you’re working on, here’s the lowdown on the technical skills you’re likely to have:

  • Addicted to problem solving with a gift for storytelling, and passionate about design
  • Customer obsessed and able to clearly communicate how your designs will impact the user’s activities
  • A good sense of end user knowledge and mental models, coupled with the ability to translate them into user interfaces that users can relate with easily
  • A natural inclination to be very detailed, from research to mock-ups to specifications
  • A keen focus on productivity balanced with the ability to experiment with multiple solutions from the earliest design stages
  • Experience of creating and delivering captivating keynotes, high-fidelity mock-ups and functional prototypes, both to internal teams and customers
  • Strong analytical skills complemented by a creative and experimental streak
  • The ability to maintain pro-activeness when working with several different design and development teams
  • Experience working with Adobe Suite, Sketch or Axure for prototyping and UI specification
  • Previous experience in designing desktop software

Anything Else?

Apart from great technical skills, our environment is fast-paced and 100% agile, prioritising teamwork, interaction and resilience. We’re organised into Scrum teams and projects typically consist of one or more teams sharing a common development, configuration management and continuous delivery environment.

This calls for our Digital Product designers to possess the following skills:

  • Great people skills that foster a supportive environment, constructive feedback and ideas sharing
  • Excellent oral communication and written skills – including the ability to speak and write in English
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery tools (e.g. Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Gerrit)
  • Experience working with development teams running Scrum preferred
  • A real passion for learning, doing things better and helping others – and an ability to turn ideas into realities
  • Availability to travel abroad for short periods of time, as required
  • Optional bonus: the ability to converse in German

If you’re the Digital Product Design Guru that we’re looking for, apply now